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Hi Everybody,  I’m Dr Nathan Goff. I’m also known as Bear (my father gave me this name from day one), Ted (short for teddy bear, my high school and college pals decided that I resemble a stuffed animal more than a four legged beast), Nathan or Nate; Please call me any of these, inside or out of the office. As a native Mainer, I grew up in Fryeburg, and attended Fryeburg Academy (class of '82), Bowdoin College Class of '86 and UCONN dental class of '91.  I bought my dental practice from Dr. Henry Pollard in Portland in 1992.  
I currently live in Scarborough with my wife Sheri and have 2 amazing boys (Cam and Liam) and ,2 great dogs (Lexie and Brody),  While not working, I enjoy most major sports, walks on the beach, and connecting with high school and college friends. 

Dr. Nathan Goff

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